What is EBEC?

Every year, BEST Milan organizes the most exiting engineering competition of Europe. Working with the others 97 Local BEST Groups (located in 33 european countries), EBEC gathers more than 7000 engineering students !

EBEC Milan

Organized for Politecnico di Milano students, EBEC Milan is divided into two parts: the Case Study, where students have to challenge about an idea generation, and the Team Design, where students have to solve a practical issue building a prototype.

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What is BADc?

Similar to EBEC Milan, the BEST Architecture & Design competition is an opportunity for students from Politecnico di Milano to challenge about ideas and innovations for Architecture and Design fields of study.

How it works?

Participants students, organized in teams of 5 people each, will elaborate a proposal during 2 working days. At the end of the time, a jury formed by BEST Milan members and professors from Politecnico di Milano will evaluate the works and decree the winners!