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Our Values

The goal of BEST Milan is to involve as much as possible the students of Politecnico di Milano and to present them the opportunity to enrich their academic preparation, mainly composed of courses and examinations, greatly increasing knowledge and experience. Attending events, or even better organizing, students develop their skills in team-working, relate with international colleagues and corporate environments, they improve the communication skills especially in English: a unique opportunity to differentiate your CV and make themselves more competitive in the labor market.

The importance of Complementary Education

The main activity of BEST is to give students a complementary education that shortens the distances between universities, businesses and students, all in a highly international environment. The commitment and enthusiasm of active members in BEST allows the organization of many events. The organization of a BEST event often expects to enter into partnerships with universities, companies, local and regional authorities.

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You can contact BEST Milan using the Contacts page, or by sending an email directly to our Corporate Relation department [email protected]

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