Apply to a BEST Course

So, you decided to apply to an amazing experience but you don’t know how to apply?

The application procedure is really easy: you just have to follow these steps.

Choose your Courses

1. Go to the Courses page list.

2. Log in with your account or create a new one

3. Select the Course you want to apply to and click on the apply now button

4. Follow the procedure

Go to the Courses page
Write a Motivational Letter

During the application procedure, you will have to produce a MoL, explaining your wish to attend to that Course.

During the application period, BEST Milan usually organizes the Motivational Letter Days, where we explain all the tips and tricks to write the perfect MoL!

Validate your account

To complete your application, we have to ensure that you are a student of Politecnico di Milano.

Valitate your account!